911 Roll-On Pain Reliever 1500mg

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911 is a proprietary formula, containing Dimethyl Sulfoxide (DMSO) and Cannabidiol (CBD).  The reason for use of DMSO, is its unrivaled ability to penetrate the skin, and to act as a carrier or delivery system for any substance, in this case CBD.  911 contains CBD at a moderate dose of 1500mg Full-Spectrum oil.  Use of full-spectrum CBD oil allows for the entourage effect, amplifying potency of the CBD through application. 

Directions: Prior to use, it is important to ensure that hands and the site to which 911 will be applied are clean and free of dirt or other particulates.  Roll-on 911 liberally..

Optional – this product may be rubbed in at the desire of the user, however, product will not lose efficacy if this is not performed.